While versed in most traditional painting and drawing media, for the last decade I have predominantly concentrated on mixed media (paper or wood surfaces), utilizing watercolor, stencil, printing, transfers, acrylic, gouache, ink and aspects of collage. I have also attempted to juxtapose realist techniques in association with expressionistic-like action painted passages. I also reinforce many of my paintings’ intent by the introduction of related, associated passages of text. These are used not only for their literal meaning but also as compositional devices. This blending of approaches is intended to establish further pictorial tension regarding overall design/composition aspects of the works and their themes and the subjective intensification of the component objects depicted. I am also concerned with the compositional readings. That is, the interrelationships that can be established through the inventive use of both positive and negative spaces. In other words, what is left to visually read after all the art marking is presented.

In addition, most of the depicted object combinations also inform (either directly or indirectly, i.e. sympathies in form, color and other principles of art and design) the overall theme of the individual works. Further, I am interested in portraying events, people and concepts through their subjective association within the viewer’s frame of reference. The timbre, themes and intentions can run anywhere from somber and reflective historicity, to dead pan, tongue-in-cheek satire and text analogues mirroring the human condition. Aspects of humor and satire are used to stimulate questions and reflections on lived world presuppositions.

My influences are an eclectic blend of traditional and unorthodox techniques and inductive and deductive aspects of day to day involvement with both the sensual modalities of living and in reflective, more conceptual-based interests.

© 2023 by John Tarlton. All rights reserved.

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